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October 29, 2011

Dog Day

Our dog day started with a morning run. It was the first time that Monte and I have run since he returned home. It will be good for both of us to maintain this routine; he needs to burn energy and I need to burn calories.

Next on the agenda was puppy playgroup at The Dog Den. Cooper has changed so much since our initial visit. He has doubled in size which may have influenced the other notable difference. He no longer spends the entire session on his back being submissive; he is now more balanced and playful.

After chasing and being chased for forty-five minutes, we thought it was a great time to work on restaurant behavior and stopped for frozen custard.  The one behavior that is almost impossible to modify is cleaning up after others.  There is always some food substance or remnant under the table or in the aisle.

Being so close to a pet store, we stopped at Pet World for some fowl exposure. Cooper also came nose to nose with some kittens and was rewarded handsomely for his non-threatening behavior. We must have walked the aisles for forty minutes, greeting canines and humans while continuously tempted by tasty treats. We walked out with a new toy.

One of our last beautiful days, Monte and I went for an hour long walk to/through the park. He used to be highly dog distracted, however, now he avoids them when running through the park.

We wrapped up the evening with dinner and a hockey game. Cooper slept through both. Even the fog horn did not cause him to stir as it roared for each of the Badgers six goals. He was more comfortable on the metal grating and should be cured by March.

Note: Cooper has been having some GI issues - vomiting at least once a day with no apparent reason. We need to monitor his diet and consumption of wood.

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