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October 5, 2011

Temporary Dog?

Given the potentially long wait for a baby guide dog, we are evaluating our options to provide some temporary canine assistance.  Our first choice was our nephew's dog Rex, who has not found his way up to Oregon yet and we have not ventured down to Platteville to provide a weekend of Dog Whisperer training advice.

The most likely option at this time is to raise an Autistic Assistance Dog.  The training is much less demanding than guide or service work, but should be equally gratifying.  And the best part is that it should only take four to six months to complete a placement, depending on the situation.  This should work perfectly with Leader Dogs.  We will know more tomorrow as a group of potential candidates are coming up to Madison for vision testing.  Lisa is assisting with the puppy wrangling and gathering information on the program.  My bet is that she will bring home a puppy in-training.

This morning I heard a great name for a dog, if we get to name it:  Radar. However, the more I think about it, it seems to be a better fit for a guide dog.

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