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October 13, 2011

Home Alone

The blog has been neglected for the last few days because I have been out of town on business.  While I was away from home experiencing severe sleep deprivation,  Lisa has been home alone.  Well, as alone as one could be with a nineteen month and a three month old puppies demanding attention.  She would usually appreciate their company, however she has developed a nasty cold or sinus infection.

Today was spent re-establishing our routine and getting some much needed exercise for our boys.  Monte and I worked on calmly approaching rabbits and accepting the little boy leading our pack.  Cooper is developing more independence and has gained speed; we must now keep him leashed.  Now we begin leash training; we do not allow him to pull.  Any tension on the leash, we halt, and wait for him to release the tension before continuing.  Combining this with stoppages for Monte to relax, our walks have doubled in duration for a shorter distance.

Note: Cooper is completely housebroken (knock on wood).

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