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April 25, 2010

12 Dog Night!

Hey All - Geyser here.

I'm not sure what my doggy Mom was thinking but we ended up with 12 dogs in the house last weekend! Do you think that might make it into the Guiness Book of Records? Anyway, besides the three little white girls I live with my mom decided to doggysit three dogs for her friend.

Then over the weekend two visitors brought their guide dogs to the house plus three "pet" dogs. I have to admit I did enjoy playing with the other lab! We got to have the garage for our "playground". It reminded me a bit of being at the Dog Den.

We also went on a nice walk on the Glacial Drumlin Trail - six of us anyway.

Now that the house is back down to only four dogs it seems kind of empty! Not really.

Smile if you are a lab and lovin' it!

(the almost one year old.)

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