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April 9, 2010

On Alert

Our first night in a Kalamazoo hotel did not get off to a good start. Our canine companion was absorbing all the new sights, smells, and sounds. As we settled in for the night Banjo was alert to all the new sounds. He could hear people talking in the next room, doors were open and closing, and kids running down the hall. He let out a few warning barks and received a QUIET correction. Eventually we all fell asleep. The morning brought us a short trip to Detroit and a new hotel.

After getting settled into our home for the next three days, we needed some food before the evening's two hockey games. Banjo boarded the People Mover, for his first experience with the elevated train. Riding the train has been quite an experience with dog in tow. The platforms are monitored by camera and security and every time we attempt to board we are either stopped by security or asked to call the "eye in the sky" - No Pets Allowed. By the second trip Banjo he had apparently adapted well.

Humans fed and dog apparently starving, we attended the Frozen Four semi-finals. Both the Badgers and Banjo performed admirably. No re-entry to the facility, so between games we had to get special permission to potty our dog. No problem getting out, getting back in was a slight hassle. Safely back inside Ford Field, the sheriff stopped by and asked about Banjo. It turns out that he volunteers for Leader Dog raising one of their breeding females.

We returned to our new home and Banjo was fine; either too tired or not concerned. There wasn't any noise from next door or the hallway, but some sirens and horns outside. He just went to his bed and went to sleep. Until he escaped from his crate. He is a smart little guy. It didn't take him long to figure out how to use his nose to move the zippers and he already knows the route to our hotel room.


Theresa said...

He is a smart one.

Casey said...

Way to go Banjo! Cheer on the Badgers! (Well, give a LITTLE woof....)