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April 18, 2010

Forty-Eight Hours

Similar to the switch of OccuPaws puppies, Toby has been in our home for two days. The first forty-eight hours are frustrating and critical. The puppy will test to see what the rules are, determine the pack leader, and identify his standing in the pack.

Initially, our two brothers had been sparring quite a bit to establish their rank. Banjo has been much more dominant and rougher during play.

Having been through rotation a few times in the past, we experienced similar thoughts this weekend. Wondering what we have gotten ourselves into and counting the days until this "new" dog leaves.

Banjo and Toby have settled down for the most part with only the occasional outburst, which we try to limit to outdoor playtime. They have both learned the STOP command. Toby has quickly identify myself as the pack leader and follows me around, even more than Banjo does. As things continue to progress, we will all be sad to see our "new" puppies leave us.

It appears that someone, Toby, has gotten too comfortable and is still testing us or following old routines. This situation was quickly rectified, after the required photographic proof. Just a reminder that your puppy will continue to check the boundaries.

Hopefully the Puppy Raisers are now reaping the benefits of consistent training and a smooth transition (and can keep their puppy off the bed).

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Anonymous said...

Who owns this dog???? They must have fled the country over sheer embarassment!!! :) maybe there is still hope for him! He is our big lovable 82 lb ball of fun! Thanks Jeff for the fun and humbling posts! The Raus