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April 7, 2010


The other day, we had a full day of LEAVE IT. We spent the morning trying to get Banjo to LEAVE a toy on the end table. It actually started the night before. He enjoys his toys and would sneak up and grab it without anyone noticing. It doesn't pay to provide a correction after he's had the toy for five minutes, so the morning involved spying on him to provide instantaneous correction.

In the afternoon, we took a long walk to the park. The birds were out which offered yet another opportunity to practice LEAVE IT. He does good when on leash, but off leash he is improving, but if I don't reinforce the LEAVE IT, he's gone in a flash.

Banjo was able to LEAVE home today. At this moment we have just settled into our home for the evening. After touching four states (WI, IL, IN, MI), it's time for dinner and early to bed.

Banjo wanted to go for a swim while we waited for our dinner, but he has just eaten, so he had to wait an hour.

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