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April 13, 2010


Writing an update last weekend, I was going to write about Banjo's first night in a hotel, but then I remembered that he accompanied us to a wedding in South Bend last October. It was sure a lot easier this time. Although not as cute as he was six months ago (right), he is much more trustworthy and I will take brains over beauty any day. He adapted very well to the schedule changes and new experiences.

Before our trip, we had confirmed Banjo's acceptance at all of our required destinations. The hotel in Kalamazoo required an explanation from the corporate office that a pet fee was not acceptable. One Detroit restaurant refused to serve us and we reluctantly took our business elsewhere. Another restaurant begrudgingly let us stay after we showed them the state statute on the back of Banjo's ID card. However, for each negative encounter there were ten positive experiences.

Our greatest training challenge was getting Banjo to LEAVE the pigeons alone. They were everywhere. Their slow waddle enticed Banjo to get closer until they would fly away and engage his prey drive.

My greatest annoyance was waking, dressing, riding the elevator, and taking Banjo potty each morning and every night. A small price to pay for having a puppy enhanced trip. We never rode the bus/train or strolled the streets without interacting with someone. We hear how a guide dog changes the life of his partner, but having a canine sidekick changes our lives too.

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