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April 17, 2010


Banjo is entertaining a house guest for the next ten days. His brother Toby is visiting while his family is on vacation. They have not seen each other since they were eight weeks old, nine momths ago.

At the OccuPaws training class on Friday night our canine tandem met up with a third brother, Geyser. Geyser (m) and Banjo (l) have been in guide dog training for the last nine months and Toby (r) wanted to see what he was missing. He didn't like having to sit quietly and he didn't understand why he shouldn't run to the person saying "Promise, COME". Banjo and Geyser performed respectably and Toby was impressed with their ability to understand humans.

All Toby wanted to do was play which is what we did Saturday morning. He accompanied us to The Dog Den for Banjo's weekly play time. Banjo was extremely dominant and vocal resulting in many timeouts. He did not experience the switch, but having a new dog in the house may be creating a bit of tension as they determine pack order. Toby got along well with everyone, human and canine. His only transgression was eating the pebbles in the play yard.

After playtime, we stopped at the bakery and Toby experienced one of the disadvantages of being a regular dog. He and I had to stay in the car while Banjo went into the bakery and received hugs from another customer, who was very interested in OccuPaws and may become a puppy raiser.

A new dog in the house creates new dynamics, so we should have daily updates as relationships develop.

View more photos of Toby and Banjo's Adventures as the week progresses.

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