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April 21, 2010

Sparta's New Adventures

Hi Pups ~

Sparta here ~ I'm now with a new mom for two weeks 'cause we did an OccuPaws rotation, so I'm hangin' out in Middleton.

Would you believe the very next day I got a Graduation Certificate from The Dog Den!! (Well, I was a stand in for Casey, but I did all the skills and would've graduated too....) Thanks, Dog Den, for providing classes for our OccuPaws pups!

I got to meet a new pal, McGruff, at the grand opening of Middleton's new Police Station.

I even got to meet the head guy, Chief Kiel. Everyone greeted me "Hello, Casey ~ my, how you've grown!" until I told them I was a BOY and was Casey's brother. They all remarked at how well behaved I was.

Then it was off to the Kohl Center for a reception and the UW Band concert. Mike Lekrone greeted me, but he thought I was too quiet to join his band. And, pups, was that band ever LOUD!! Don't know how I managed to sleep through all the noise and fireworks ~ tho I did wake up to watch the "Chicken Dance."

I slept good that night!

Sunday was a road trip and hike at Indian Lake Park. There were lots of steps on the path,

and at the top of the hill I saw a tiny little chapel,

just big enough for me to fit inside!

I'm having a good time and adjusting well to my new (temporary) home.

Your pal, Sparta

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Anonymous said...

Wow - what great adventures Sparta got to experience! Nice job jumping right in with the new pup Marlette! --Banjo