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April 28, 2010


Banjo's pal Toby went home on Sunday. Monday morning after his outside potty, he went straight to the spare bedroom looking for his canine companion. It took him a day to realize that Toby wasn't at our house anymore.

After a morning of mourning, Banjo has busied himself with shopping. Monday, he went to Kohl's and JCP; spent two hours shopping for a suit. Tuesday, he took a quick jaunt to get a blender and motor oil. Today it was ice cream and he stopped in to see his former puppy raisers. Except for seeing his puppy raisers, he was bored, but well-behaved.

Good News: Banjo has received confirmation that he will be visiting the White House. It doesn't make any sense that my dog gets to go and I have to spend the day in training. Ironic?


Wilbur and Harley said...

Get a picture with the President -

Puppy Raiser said...

No cameras allowed in WH...along with a very long list, pretty much whatever can be carried in Banjo's vest is it! ~Lisa

Michelle said...

Have Fun! I hope Banjo minds his manners and does you proud! - Michelle