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April 2, 2010

Spa Treatment

Oh the humiliation. Our eleven month old MALE black Labrador had to get a spa treatment. We received a coupon about a year ago, Bark For Life raffle, to the Oregon Pet Spa and Salon. We decided to use it today because we were going to Easter dinner on Saturday and it expired today.

The spa treatment included: *hydrosurge bath, shampoo, *leave in conditioning treatment, *nail trim/ file if needed, *ear cleaning/ hair plucked if dog allows, *anal glands expressed, *haircut to your specifications, and his favorite *tearless blueberry facial

We were most curious to find out how he handled the experience. The groomer said that he was a perfect gentlemen, but then again would she have told us otherwise.

Banjo returned home looking sharp and very happy. He smelled wonderful, except for his breath. Should have spent the extra two dollars for tooth brushing. We have been lax, but to remedy this we have re initiated daily oral hygiene. Not sure how good beef flavored toothpaste will smell though.

Our trainee performed well at Easter dinner and was barely noticed by the humans. Even smelling nice or because of it, the resident Shih Tzu, Charlie, kept a watchful eye on the large puppy. Banjo batted him in the head with his big paw a few times and did steal a little of his host's food. We will have to see if he gets invited back.

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