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April 3, 2010

Candy at zoo

Friday we went to the Madison zoo. I was very popular. With all the different animals to see every one kept coming up to me and wanting to pet and hug me. Hasn't any one every seen a poodle before?

I was also popular with the other animals. When ever one spotted me they came up close to the fence to look at me. The Camels, and buffalo, and girraffe's were really interested in me.

I couldn't go see the lion's, tiger's, or monkeys tho. Orders from Marlene. They might get too excited at seeing me and might lunge at the glass.

I think the best part of the zoo was watching the praire dogs. They were all running around digging holes. I could of watched them all day.

It was a long day. Dad and I took a rest while the
grandkids played in the park.


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