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April 11, 2010

Mass Transit Eh

We began Saturday with a short walk to the bus station and a relatively quick bus ride. Banjo didn't seem to notice the difference between the bus or the train; both modes of transportation required him to lie quietly and leave people alone.

This trip was a bit different though as we ended up in Canada. Passports and proof of vaccination in hand we proceeded through immigration to enjoy the city of Detroit from across the river, in Windsor.

Birds and dogs still looked the same, so we worked a lot on LEAVE IT Eh. Banjo adapted well to the foreign language.

He found boats to be very interesting. It was difficult to tell if the noise or their movement caught his attention. The sound of waves crashing startled him a bit the first time he heard it.

Back to the US via a much longer bus ride - the tunnel was backed up. A few more train rides to get to the hotel.

We saw some big cats on our way to the hockey game; Banjo wasn't interested. After a long day, Banjo slept through the whole game, or tried to. We were sitting near the end of the row and we kept waking him up to let people by. We all should have stayed home and slept; the Badgers lost (5-0).

More crowd exposure, and dinner (where he saw a real guide dog), before a final train ride back to our hotel. Five hours of sleep before driving home. So essentially Banjo has been napping for the last eighteen hours.


Heather and Kelly said...

I just LOVE the picture of Banjo with the cat statue! That thing is huge...

Puppy Raiser said...

It's a Tiger mascot, in front of the Detroit's Tiger stadium.