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March 30, 2010

No Crying Allowed

Our eleven month old puppy is dog crazy. He loves other dogs and cries when he sees them. It's all about the anticipation, he is fine once he meets them. In an attempt to rectify the situation we have been taking Banjo to the park to see other dogs. However, he works the entire time. No Sniffing, No Wiggling, and No Crying Allowed. We stop or walk the other way if he cries.

Leash corrections have been only mildly effective. He has learned that crying is not allowed and that a correction will follow, but he just can't help himself. After each short whine, he reacts to the correction before it is given. The most effective method has been to engage his brain and keep him working when other canines are visible.

As we tour the distraction laden park, we practice HEELing with an occasional emergency DOWN, SIT/DOWN/SIT or STAND/STAY. Yesterday, there were a few packs walking near us and we asked Banjo to SIT/STAY. A group of four playful dogs came up to him, circling him, and sniffing while Banjo stayed put. I could see the desire and frustration in his eyes and called him to me. Following a brief hesitation he trotted directly to me.

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