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August 4, 2010

Always Something

There is always something to work on when training a guide puppy. Our focus the last week has been grooming. Specifically nail trimming. Monte is quite a cry baby and the least bit of pressure would cause him to cry, which upset the nail trimmer. I have been trimming his nails every couple days to get him to settle down and accept it. We have progressed to the point where he tolerates it without crying; it's over in a few minutes - then a big treat.

We also need to do more traffic work. Not the real guide dog work of stopping at curbs and pivots, but simply walking in traffic as cars or (loud) motorcycles pass by. Tonight Monte was intrigued by every vehicle. The sirens of emergency vehicles on television startle him. The best way to get him used to the noises is repetition. An afternoon trip to the streets of Madison just might do the trick.

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