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August 8, 2010


Monte attended play group Saturday morning. We arrived for the end of adult playgroup where he can play some larger dogs and learn to settle - no problems. At puppy playgroup, he was the playground bully, not malicious, but relentless. It was every pet owner's worst nightmare, other owners wanted nothing to do with the yellow lab.

Labradors tend to play harder than other breeds. Monte was probably the largest puppy and he doesn't know that. We kept having to restrain him to let his "victim" get up. It was strange though because the other puppy didn't seem to mind and usually wanted more.

Needless to say, Lisa and I were exhausted after playtime.
And the day was just beginning.

Our next stop was the Farmers' Market on the square. Monte handled the crowd well and kept his head up, not looking for edibles. We made our way to the OccuPaws site and met his brethren. We spent a few hours greeting people with Hailey and Promise. The exposure to different people, especially children, is invaluable.

Monte took a short nap at home while we ate a quick lunch and then we were off to a baseball game. Our last attempt to see a Mallard's game got rained out and it wasn't looking good as we left home. However, it ended up being a great night for baseball and Monte met a lot of people before the game. No issue meeting Maynard or Millie (mascots) this time. He endeared himself to all the spectators sitting near us and received a few head pats and chin rubs. The Mallards won and we quickly left before the fireworks, not wanting to risk it and we were tired.

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