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August 19, 2010

Dog-on-Dog Interaction

OccuPaws class this week was designed specifically with Monte in mind. The unstated purpose was to teach the playground bully some manners. All our puppies participated.

The first test was with a stuffed animal, which resembled a real black dog. Every puppy had an opportunity to meet the strange dog. Some were afraid and hackled, others (Monte) were more dominant and boldly approached, and some approached very politely with a proper "Hello".This gave the instructors a good indication of each dog's style.

The second test was dog-on-dog interaction to see how each puppy reacts to one of their own. Behavior was similar to how each reacted with the fake dog, but this time there was feedback. Monte showed his true colors and the bully received a couple corrections.

I have to give him credit though, he is a quick learner. His behavior improved almost immediately. One time two other puppies were getting a tad rough, Monte looked up and walked away. Monte did not want/need anymore corrections. After a few more instances/corrections, he wanted out. He tried to jump the four foot tall fence, almost succeeding on one occasion.

Monte remained in the exercise while all the other dogs were cycled through for brief stints. Monte received the full treatment and eventually settled down to enjoy playtime. Now it is our job to reinforce the good behavior and administer corrections to help him generalize the learning.

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