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August 9, 2010


Dayton's life goal is to grow like a weed. This weekend, he upgraded to a bigger crate, and my nights are much more peaceful now, as I no longer hear the scrape scrape of his nails as he readjusts in a crate that is growing too small.

I'm not sure if it is the new crate or that we're away from home together for the first time since he came to live with me, but our nights have been filled with him panting in his crate. I think that both places we have been over the last couple of days are a little warmer than my apartment, but not enough to make him sound like Thomas the Tank.

I'm also used to him sleeping in a different room than me, so it's possible I've just never noticed him panting at night. At home, I just moved his crate from the hallway into the office. He needs to be content in his crate wherever it is located, so now that I know he's completely content in my apartment and that he's settled into life with me and my pack of dogs, I figured it was time to start moving the crate around.

The first night, he slept peacefully, but the following night was filled with yipping and readjusting and whining.<

Time will tell, but all the work and lack of sleep is worth it to make him into a well-rounded dog some day.

I'm visiting my mom in Waukesha right now, and she has a fenced in yard. He seemed so surprised to be granted so much freedom. I've been working on recalls out there with him, and it's so hard to remind myself to only call him when I am certain he will comply. I don't want him to learn that "come" means ignore me unless you feel like coming over here. I must only tell him to come when I can either correct him for not doing so, or I am 100% certain he will comply.

Needless to say, at this age, I spend a lot of time calmly walking over to retrieve him when I know he won't come trotting if I tell him to come.

He's going to be five months on Wednesday, and I've heard that's when they really start to develop their own agendas. I'm hoping Dayton doesn't know he's supposed to do this, but I'm sure I won't be that lucky.

All of the dogs are sleeping for the night, so I think I had better take advantage of the quiet and do the same.

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Anonymous said...

You are doing such a great job with Dayton! Keep up the good work!
~ Casey