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August 4, 2010

Heeerrre's Gordy

Hello All!

I want to introduce myself. My name is Gordy. I am an 8 week old Yellow lab from the Shamrock Acres Kennels in Middleton.

I want to thank the Gordon Flesch Foundation for their generous donation to the OccuPaws Children’s Visual Companion Dog program and for giving me my name in honor of the founder of Gordon Flesch.

I am fitting well into the Schultze household. I have met many new friends: Harley, Roxie, Stitch and Reggie. I like to follow Reggie around the yard, but being a border collie, he wants to watch me! I understand that on Thursday I will meet more new friends at training class.

I have been to so many places, my head is spinning. I have been to Finn’s, the Original Pancake House, Culvers, Goben cars, the Mayor of Madison’s office, the Dr.’s office, and best of all, the home of the Maestro of the Wisconsin Symphony orchestra. My friend Harley came along and showed me how to behave. He told me that when I am “big” I need to lie quietly and wait wherever I am told to wait. All the older dogs have also told me that I should be quiet at night in the crate. We talk all night about crate manners, because my crate faces Roxie’s at night. It makes me feel much safer and happier to see another dog at night, especially Roxie. You can see picture's of all my adventures here.

Today, I will be going to Gordon Flesch to introduce myself to some of the employees there. What fun!


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Anonymous said...

Now the name makes sense! Awwww! Wow he is tiny, and round and fuzzy, way different than Monte. Monte's ears were never that small either! Welcome Gordy!