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August 23, 2010

On vacation.

Hello, it's Hailey! I just got back from vacation. I wasn't sure what my people were up to when the put lots of stuff in the car and we went for a really long ride, but when we got out, I didn't recognize where we were. There were lots of cars and busses and bikes, and nothing smelled the same. I had to sleep in a squishy crate, and eat out of a funny bowl, and I even had to wear my vest to go outside to go potty. But my people did take of my vest when we were walking in some of the parks, so I got to romp around.

We went to see what my people call baseball. I guess it was fun. On the way in, my people were in a rush and could only find the escalators. But I can't ride escalators because I don't want to get my toesies caught, so my mom carried me on the escalators. I wasn't to big on that. There were fireworks at the game because our team won. I'd never seen them before, but the sparkling in the sky was pretty neat.

I also went to an art museum. I enjoyed most of it. There was art outside (that was pretty cool). And then my mom and I ran around on the grass and had lots of fun, and when we went inside, I got to lay down on the cool floor. But there was one exhibit that I didn't like. There was a piece of shiny, crinkly foil on the ground, and it was big, and it MOVED! I barked at it once, to warn my mom, but she wasn't too happy about that and corrected me. Oops. After going up close to see it, I ignored it.

Anyway, now I'm home, and sleeping. Vacation is a lot of work.

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