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August 11, 2010

Welcome Alice

Hi Everyone,
I want to introduce myself. My name is Alice and I am 10 weeks, and one day, old. I moved in with my "raisers" 5 days ago. I LOVE them! There are six people for me to follow, a big dog named Jeff, and two cats named Christopher and Marc. I don't think that cats are thrilled about me being here but they have been polite.

I am being a good girl, I think. I go outside to go potty most of the time. Sometimes I just can't help it; I'm a baby, you know. I am sleeping longer and longer in my crate every night. I just get lonely sometimes. My mom sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor next to me for part of the night. She said she's not doing it for much longer, though. One morning, Jeff came and layed down by me and put his paw by my crate and stared at me until I went to sleep. That was nice. I think he was just trying to help his mom, though.

I like to spend my days looking for paper to rip up. My mom said it a bad idea and gives me a dumb baby bone instead. I also like to chase Jeff's tennis balls around the slippery floor. He's been nice at sharing with me.

My mom has been trying to take me for walks. I don't mind the leash, but leaving the yard makes me nervous, so I just sit down. She said Jeff could come on our next walk. I think I'd like that. She also said something about the mosquitoes were trying to kill her. Maybe she should put some Vectra (or whatever it's called) between her shoulder blades. It seems to help.

My computer time is up. I'll tell you more later. This is Alice saying..."Peace out!"

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Puppy Raiser said...

Welcome Alice! and nice job blogging. Keep your eye on your buddy Jeff, you will learn much from a wise mentor.