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August 23, 2010

Football Fun Day/Reunion

Sunday afternoon we spent the day at Camp Randall getting to know the football team up close and personal. It was billed as a family "Fun Day".

However, Monte was bored.

He did seem to enjoy the attention from players Pat Muldoon, Jeff Duckworth and Chase Hammond. Our nephew Scott has been interning all summer with the UW football team's strength and conditioning dept & staying with us, and we got a nice meet and greet with his burly bosses before they all had to rush off for the official team picture. The bright sun made it difficult to stay out on the artificial turf too long for Monte's tender paws, so we retreated to the shade now and then for water and a break from the heat.

As we were meandering around on the field, one of the Badgers Spirit Squad approached us admiring Monte and asked how old he was. Jenna, had seen Monte as we walked around and could not get over how much he looked like her dog, Miley. Then we found out it was for VERY good reason. In comparing notes on the 2 pups, it turns out not only that both puppies came from the same kennel, Neverest Labs in Fox Lake, they are from the same litter! A reunion of sorts, Mr. Lime meets the owner of one of his sisters, Miss Blue. Pretty funny that both pups names start with "M" too! Who would have thought in a crowd like that, Monte would run into family!?

So it was a nice afternoon. The football team appears to be in great shape and Monte had a chance to meet more adoring fans (just don't tell him they were football fans, not Monte fans), and we got nothing but compliments all day on what a good boy he was. One dad even remarked that Monte may be more popular than Bucky--I doubt that,but it was nice to hear!

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Catherine & Alice said...

Those are great pictures! Monte is very photogenic. Sounds like a fun time. Alice will be going to some youth and high school football games this fall (not varsity - my son plays and I could not focus on her.)