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August 10, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Hey Pups!

It's my birthday today! I'm now one year old ~ together with my OccuPaws siblings Maddi, Sonny, Finley, and Sparta. We'll have to have a party at our Thursday night training class! I'll help my mommy make cupcakes so we can celebrate.

I even got a dog wash so I'll be nice and clean for the party (Thanks, Animart, for providing dog washes for OccuPaws dogs!)

What a busy week this has been! I almost got a ride in the UW Med Flight helicopter, at Lakeview Park, at the Middleton Police National Night Out.

I had to jump out quickly 'cause the helicopter then took off. There were hundreds of kids there to give me lots of petting, and I even met some of the Police K-9 dogs. They were also very well trained!

On Saturday I helped volunteer at the National Mustard Day in Middleton. There were hundreds of kids there! I attracted all the kids to our table, and my mommy sold them Mustard Day t-shirts. We work good together as a team! I got to meet the Klements sausages (they race around the diamond at Brewers games, but for some reason they don't smell like sausages....)

and Culver's Scoopie, who brought "Mustard Custard," but I couldn't have any. I met the Mustard Girl, too,

and the biggest weiner in the world, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile! His license plate said "YUMMY."

All that work all day and I still didn't get a sausage....but my mommy said I was a VERY good girl and gave me some yummy treats before bed.

Your pal,


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Gordy said...

Good Job Casey!