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August 30, 2010

Comfortable Shoes

How we spent a dog-less weekend? At the Chicagoland Race track with the Indy Racing League and our favorite driver, Helio Castroneves -- note the large diamond Indy ring. Unfortunately, Helio did not win the Chicago race on Sat, but Jeff was happy seeing the #18 Kyle Busch truck win the race the night before.

Anyway, since this is a "puppy blog," we better include some things about the dogs, even though we have a free (& already too quiet!) week as Monte is away at "camp." Thurs at OGDA class after a whirlwind power talk with Doug left my head swimming, I got a special treat. Since it was Jeff's night to work Monte, I got to work...Banjo! It was like putting on a familiar comfortable pair of shoes! It was great to see him wag his tail and be excited to recognize me & Jeff. His current training partner, the effervescent pre-teen Sophia, was working her regular partner Timber for the night so it all worked out well. Interestingly, after the initial happy greeting, Banjo went through class like a pro (side note, the look on Jacob's face when Jeff told him he could do the recall exercise with Banjo as his sister Sophia was busy with Timber was so heartwarming; he was all smiles & he did well!!), but I noticed Banjo kept one watchful eye on Sophia every chance he got (not distracted just observant), and when he would get near her, he would wag his tail and nudge her as if to say "You OK?...I'm right here if you need me...," but he kept focused on my commands, too.

He has definitely taken on this new phase in training with gusto. I guess anyone who has ever chosen to live with a dog will tell you companionship is in their DNA, but it seems when there is a child involved, these dogs instantly mature and develop extra unimaginable levels of devotion and perception. Jeff and I both remarked how much Banjo has matured in a couple of months. It was very easy to hand the leash back over to Sophia's family at the end of class; right now, he is where he is meant to be.

Monte went with Doug and Caroline on Thurs night, and Fri AM we left on our trip, so today is our first "routine" day without a dog, and something definitely feels like it is missing around here! It gives me time to have a relatively dog hair-free house (or I can make myself believe that!)and no little paw prints on the wood floor for a while anyway. Hope he is having fun...and as C always says, remember to hug the dogs!

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Arianna said...

Well said! It is a pleasure to have Banjo with us and working with Sophia while Timber learns additional skills. Sophia likes to call him "Vincent Banjo." :)