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August 25, 2010

Update from Alice

Hi, everyone. I finally have earned some computer time. I have been in my new home for almost three weeks now and am adjusting well. I am 12 weeks old. I get put to bed at night around 10:00 and sleep until 6:00. My mom said she can live with this.
We have been going for more walks lately. I really like them now but they seem to keep getting longer and I get tired. Just when I think I know where we are going, she changes the route. We keep doing new things with words like "heal" and "sit" and "wait" and now, "stay." I've quickly learned that if I do what she wants me to do, I get a treat and happy pats and a very happy mom. (I think I learned this before the teenagers in this house. Haha).
I still am having some accidents in the house but I go outside more than inside. I like going outside now that it's not so hot. Jeff, the big dog, has taught me how to find pears in the backyard and we get one every morning. They are yummy!

My mom has taught me a new game. She uses a clicker and if I don't touch the treat in her hand or on the floor, she clicks and give me a treat. Easy! Why bother grabbing the treat when I'll get one anyway. Sometimes we play a game that if I touch her hand, she clicks and gives me a treat. Easy, again! I hope she challenges me more soon. I like this learning stuff! She said I have to learn alot because I have a big job ahead of me.
That's all for now. Love, Alice

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