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November 10, 2010

Bad with the Good

Bad News: We will not be attending the final four hour Community Day event at the Boston Store.
Good News: We will be at Camp Randall watching the Badger football team - free tickets.

Bad News: After checking the wounds, our vet decided to postpone the removal of Monte's dew claw stitches.
Good News: The vet was not overly concerned with the "puffy" wound site on Monte's left rear paw - we thought it might be infected.

Bad News: We have to keep Monte away from his bandages for a few more days.
Good News: Dr. Boyle rubbed some antiperspirant on the bandages to offer a bitter taste when Monte licks, which worked immediately.

Bad News: The antiperspirant's effectiveness was short-lived, Monte has to continue wearing the cone.
Good News: He doesn't fight having the BiteNot and Elizabethan collar put around his neck or over his head.

Bad News: Monte's exercise has been reduced significantly.
Good News: It allows more time for Monte's second favorite activity, cradling - massage and paw rubs.

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