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November 16, 2010


Day fourteen, the last ten stitches were finally removed from Monte's left rear paw and he received his last dose of antibiotics. Recovery should be complete, however, Monte's incision is not completely healed and we must continue our prevention efforts. We didn't plan for overtime.

Not sure who wants to discard the collars more, Monte or me. The apparatus must be removed every time we venture outdoors to potty and reassembled after we return. I guess that is a small price to pay. At least I don't have to wear it all day and night.

It has been two weeks of living with a "caged" eight month old high energy yellow lab. Fingers crossed that the infection clears up, Monte fully recovers without any long term damage, and life gets back to normal in a few days. I can't wait to watch Monte running and bounding through the (snow covered) field this weekend. He loves eating ice, so snow should be a treat.

Addendum: Speaking of a treat, Monte was put to work tonight to be the program dog to meet with a prospective puppyraising family. He was thrilled when the door to the house we arrived at opened and low and behold, another happy Lab appeared. Ike is a big handsome black lab, American just like Monte, but 2 years old. He welcomed Monte into his home but after a rousing doggy "hello," both were sorely disappointed this was not a play date, and they voiced their disappointment with heavy sighs and whimpers. They continually egged each other on; if Monte was laying down, Ike would throw a paw his way and if Ike was being good, Monte would cry--as if both of them were saying "let's ditch these humans and go for a good romp around the house!" However, both settled down and let the humans talk. Monte hopes to see more of Ike in the near future.

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