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November 7, 2010


It was Monte's first day back at work and it began with a battle with his nemesis, Gordy. The battlefield was an event to sell Community Day coupon books at the entrance to the Boston Store. Who would sell the most coupon books? The adorable five-month old puppy and sorority girl versus the eight-month old bandaged puppy with his aged sales averse puppy raiser.

Having been cooped up since Monday, I was concerned that he might suffer from an overabundance of energy, but he acted normally as we greeted persons from eight months to eighty years.
To reiterate, these events are about more than selling $5 coupon books. These events provide an opportunity to promote the organization and provide a puppy fix for dog loving shoppers.

Yesterday was a special day, as Monte and I met three people who had recently said a final Good-Bye to their canine companion. Although difficult, each said that puppies were the best medicine to help them through the grieving process.

Before we knew it our two hour stint was complete and we had to vacate the premises. Next week we get four hours :-)

After a quick bite to eat, off to Francesca's first birthday party. The birthday girl appeared to enjoy the plastic bottle more than the sixty pound furry canine with teeth. With the exception of continually removing his birthday hat, Monte was on his best behavior.

The results of the showdown are still pending, I think I know who won.

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