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November 8, 2010

Respite Over

Monte's week of vacation has officially ended. Since his neutering last Monday we have been a little lax with our training. We may have felt a bit sorry for the boy (and still do since his dew claws have not healed) and let some things slide.

Today, we reintroduced the concept of HEELing on our walk, albeit a short one, and managed to find time for some grooming practice. He appreciated the brushing since it allowed him to be free of the collar contraptions. To supplement the walks around the block, we included a few shopping trip. We spent some additional time working on STAY.

The bandages were removed from his rear paws on Sunday and the stitches are scheduled to be removed on Wednesday. If they last that long, a couple are already coming undone. So I re-wrapped the paws hoping to keep the wound tight as long as possible/needed. Six days to go.

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