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November 1, 2010


For his behavior at the assisted living facility in Platteville on Sunday, Monte earned a day at the vet's office today. He had three outbursts: scared by a balloon, walker, and music. Maybe this will teach him to be quiet :-)

He had to, or we chose to, have him neutered and have his rear dew claws removed. He will be resting for the next few days and officially on hiatus from OccuPaws activities.

After the surgeries, as Monte was just waking up the clinic called with an update. Monte was howling in the background. Pain, lonely, and scared? He hardly wagged his tail when he first saw me and then walked smack into the side of the car before I could get the door opened. Home, Sweet, Home. He's out like a light now. Must have been some good drugs.

The most difficult part will be keeping him immobile for a few days and away from the bandages. Thus the cone head, which apparently takes some time to get used to. Monte spent the first half hour trying to shake it loose and knocking into things. After he accepted the new attachment, he was still knocking into things because he has no peripheral vision. Hopefully we can avoid any additional injuries.

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