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November 23, 2010

Repeat Performance

Since Monte enjoyed his surgery and rehabilitation and we relished the opportunity to play doctor, a repeat engagement was necessary. The second surgery on his left rear dew claw was completed on Monday without complication.

On Saturday, two days before surgery number two, I took Monte to the football field for a few minutes of free time. He couldn't do any damage to his leg and the wound wasn't going to heal. This was the first time being unleashed outdoors in three weeks. Ecstatic to be able to let loose, he raced back and forth on the grass with reckless abandon, sniffing and chasing everything and anything.

On Monday, the veterinarian removed a tad more of the bone and used staples to secure the wound this time. A brief discussion with Monte's breeder revealed that his eventual dew claw appeared more like an extra digit at birth, which confirms the veterinarian's assessment that there was a lot more bone than he expected. We saw the incision site for the first time this evening as we changed his dressing - much better. However, after a brief respite, the cone has returned.

In addition to ten to fourteen more days of rehab, we were informed that Monte has Demodectic Mange (mites, non-contagious). "It is generally a disease of young dogs that have inadequate or poorly developed immune systems or older dogs that are suffering from a suppressed immune system." His immune system was probably compromised by a combination of surgery, antibiotics, and rabies vaccination.

On Tuesday, since Monte has exercise restrictions, we had the unique experience of grocery shopping without a dog. It's so much easier, but always felt like we were forgetting something. Being two days before Thanksgiving, I wish that I had stayed home too.

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