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November 14, 2010

Game Time Decision

It was a big day for Montee. The Badger running back, Montee Ball, scored three touchdowns and rushed for 160 yards.

OccuPaws' Mantequilla, aka Monte, attended his first Badger football game, although the final decision wasn't made until game time. Still recovery from his dew claw surgery, one foot is slowly healing, we debated whether Monte should visit Camp Randall. The issue wasn't being out and about because he wouldn't be walking much. Our concern was the wet weather.

We took extra care to keep him dry and we all tolerated the moisture and cold as best we could. Taking his lead from the student section, Monte sat for the entire game. This may have had more to do with not wanting to remain in a DOWN on the cold wet cement - we will need to deal with this in the future. Other than that the biggest issue was keeping his water logged tail from spraying people when he was happy.

We were all happy to return to our warm abode and rest before the evening's hockey game.

Note: Looking for our nephew to thank him for the tickets, we met Todd Nelson, the UW Assistant Athletic Director. He offered the option to exchange our seats for a dry location with more "puppy room". We thanked him for the offer and for painting one of the dog bowls that was auctioned last weekend.

1 comment:

Casey said...

Beautiful picture of my buddie Monte! Go Monte! Go Badgers! At least Monte didn't have to do 83 pushups!!