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November 3, 2010


We woke up this morning to find half of Monte's blue bandage missing. No sign of it anywhere. Apparently, our lean, lanky canine turned contortionist was hungry and found a way to nibble on his right rear ankle. Luckily he didn't reach the sutured incision.

Fortunately, he had a follow-up visit with the veterinarian to check the site and change the dressing. Doctor Mike and Bethany (Vet Tech) both remarked at Monte's energy level as they attempted to restrain him to remove the old bandages and for inspection. Everything looked good at all three surgical sites, Monte's feet are wrapped for protection, and we came home with reinforcement, an additional BiteNot Collar.

It turns out that neither the Elizabethan collar nor BiteNot collar were individually sufficient to keep our Houdini from nibbling his own toes. He now has to wear both collars - more torture.

He is surprisingly calm when wearing the collars around the house. It may be the extra weight, the restraint, or embarrassment. I can sense the energy build-up when the collars are removed; he is ready to run. Eleven days to go.

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