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November 4, 2010

Hold It

Although Monte doesn't like the cone, he has found it useful for holding his toys when he gets tired. It works well because if they don't hit the ground then they don't get lost beneath the plastic.

Monte's recovery is progressing as expected, no issues yet. Based on doctor's advice, we have initiated short walks around the block which allows him more time without the contraptions. It's like being out of restraints.

We have also noticed that Monte is asking to go outside potty more often than normal. Our first thought was the medicine was the cause. However, it turns out that he doesn't always have to potty. It seems that he has figured out our procedure which involves removing the collars before going out. More time outside equals less time in confinement.

Not to be outwitted, we have started to ignore his requests. My guess is that it will not be the last time he outsmarts us.

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