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November 12, 2010

Stitch in Time...

Well, this was trip #2 to the vet this morning to get Monte's sutures out of his legs. Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm...We knew it was probably not going to be good news because he started limping on his back left leg late last night, and that incision was still puffy and red. So, he is now on another 10 days of antibiotics, 4 pills a day. We will go back on Monday and hopefully the rest of the stitches will come out. Stitches were removed from the right leg. For these short followup visits, the vet is not charging us, so we are not ringing up a bunch of bills. We still have not counted the number of stitches, and he came home with both legs bandaged again today since it is so wet and rainy outside, but there are a lot more than I thought there would be, maybe 8-9 per leg.

To Monte's credit, we know he is not thrilled getting his cervical collar and flying saucer put on, but he will stand there patiently while you get him geared up. He's thrilled when we give him a break and take it all off. He still has no idea how big his head is with that on and today literally chopped one of my plants in half when he shook his head too close to it! Just like that, he hit the stem just right and 2/3 of the plant hit the floor. What can you do?

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Anonymous said...

Monte, it's a good thing you're a loveable Lab 'cause otherwise you'd be in the dog house!