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November 28, 2010


We have been reminded every morning that we were not watching Monte close enough when he ripped off his bandage and dislodged a few staples. We never found the bandage. Monte's explanation was that it had magically disappeared and the staples automatically popped out.

Our morning slumber has been interrupted, rather startling, by the unmistakable sound of dog's stomach preparing to let loose its contents all over the floor. On each occasion we have hurriedly rushed Monte outdoors or to the easiest to clean floor covering. We have succeeded in keeping the floor "clean", however, every time our famished puppy has instantly re-devoured the flotsam.

This morning after a repeat performance, I knew I had to do something. The best answer was Emesis, which I had never done before. So I checked a few internet sites to compare procedures and quantities before preparing my supplies.

No syringe handy; a plastic cup would have to do. My partner was still sleeping, so I prepared for battle alone. I poured the contents down Monte's throat with little resistance and five minutes later success. Everyone should sleep better this evening.

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