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November 15, 2010

Fuzzy Ball

Dear Doug and Barb,

I had some "issues" this weekend you never warned me about. I was at Michael's on Saturday getting some yard with my Two-Legged Mom.

The yard aisle is a very difficult aisle to go down for us dogs! The wool yarn smells really interesting, plus it's round like a ball. I thought for sure Mom wanted me to grab some of those smelly balls!!! But, she kept making me take them out of my mouth.

Needless to say, TL-Mom made me spend a little extra time in the wool yarn aisle......... by myself!!! Sit, heel, stay, come - AND DON'T PICK UP THE YARN!!!

I caught on real quick! I had to, or she never would have let me leave the store!! I'd still be sitting in the yarn aisle.

That's a really tough aisle for us dogs - yarn balls smell really good!!!

This week, Mom said we're going to Menard's and looking at the Christmas Tree ornaments!!! But, I know.......I can't put any in my mouth!!

Christmas seems to be full of challenges for us dogs!!!

First the mall for three hours, then lunch out, then Michael's, then a bath at Animart!! It was a hard day!!

Paws and licks,

1 comment:

Barb and Gordy said...

That's OK Justice, we all have tough days!