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May 8, 2010

At the races.

Promise and I went to the USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals race today. She was more interested in watching the crowd and getting pet than the race. She got lots of love from a girl sitting next to us who had about no interest in the bikes going in circles. After the third race, we were both thoroughly cold and tired of sitting on the concrete, so we came home.

The bikes were going a little too fast to get a good picture with the black pup.

Promise is also getting set for harness training. After doing not so hot on staying seated in class on Thursday, we've been hard at work staying seated instead of sliding to the ground. She's also getting some bus routes planned for the other pups who might go for some bus adventures with me.

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Puppy Raiser said...

We are planning to take the free bus route as soon as we start visiting the Farmers Market.