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May 19, 2010

Home of POTUS

Yep, we actually made it~Banjo and I in the home of the President Of The United States. Again, it does not really matter your political beliefs,walking into that residence knowing who has resided there since 1800 has to give you a bit of a shiver as you walk in. I know it did me. The tour itself was pretty abbreviated, kind of a self-guided meandering through a few select rooms and artifacts, but I tried to take it all in. Banjo, of course, was less than impressed, though he was happy to be out of the cold rain (me too) and out of the line that seemed to move 5 feet and stop over and over, which obviously made no sense to him.

The tour ends with walking out the front door, the same one you see whenever a picture of the White House is televised or published. I would love to show you a picture of Banjo sitting at that door, but no cameras are allowed (along with a very long list of other things). Banjo does now have a pin on his vest of The White House commemorating his trip.

Our guide dog in training and I managed to make our way to our destination, on our own, & back, not even asking anyone along the way for directions. Banjo has also learned the route from the lobby, to the elevator, and ending at our room, so there may be hope for both our guiding skills yet!

Banjo has continued to show great manners, and we get lots of compliments on his behavior, and every time we walk through an x-ray machine, make Banjo sit and wait and then call him forward to walk through by himself, it never gets old to hear the security people express how impressed they are--you would think he stood up and danced through on 2 legs! It makes us smile.


Casey said...

Banjo, you have done so well! You make all of us pups proud of you! Did you get to see Bo there?

Harley and Wilbur said...

Good job Banjo!

A Caes said...

When we traveled, Promise had to have a few pat-down searches at the airports, since her collar set off the detectors...she thought it was pretty nice, getting a full body rub.