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May 17, 2010

Pups on Parmenter

Woof ~

Hey pups! Are you ready for our big Dog Walk on Saturday? It's called Puppies on Parmenter, and it's a big fund raiser for all of us OccuPaws pups in training. There are 24 of us pups now, so we need lots of support from dog lovers to help us become great Guide Dogs when we grow up!

I'm busy helping my mommy organize all the great Raffle Prizes and Silent Auction items. Guess what I found! A big yellow box of "Dog-gone Best Mustards." Wonder if that's for us dogs....

And maybe my mommy won't notice if I sneak a hot dog outta here....

See you all on Saturday! Capital Brewery in Middleton, 11 am - 3 pm!


1 comment:

Harley and Wilbur said...

We are ready for Puppies on Parmenter! Mom is helping with cupcakes on Friday - - can we have some?