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May 13, 2010

Bienvenidos Mantequilla

Banjo's days of leisure are winding down and we are preparing to start from scratch with another puppy. We met nine week old Monte, short for Mantequilla, last week. He is vacationing at Camp Morga, until we get back from Washington and he is housebroken :-)

Monte accompanied the Rock County pack to Shopko for an outing the other day. He was very excited to be out in public and very attentive to Marlene's voice.

The big dogs trained in the store for about an hour. Monte tried to keep pace, but was hindered by his short legs and small bladder. During the hour he peed five times (four times outside the store) and pooped once (inside the store). After all that business, he was all tuckered out and settled down for a nap while the rest of us worked a bit more.

It is going to be a huge change trading in a smart dog for a know nothing ADORABLE puppy.

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