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May 8, 2010

Slumber Party

Banjo celebrated his first birthday on Thursday. We attended OccuPaws training class where he was on his best behavior, performing an excellent SIT STAY. We also got a first look at our potential next puppy, as we prepare for Banjo's departure in a couple weeks.

After class, the two birthday boys, Banjo and Geyser, were loaded into the car. As a birthday present they got to have a slumber party. It was planned at the last minute, otherwise we could have had Toby over too.

The real purpose of the slumber party was a visit to Spring Harbor Animal Clinic for the final test before harness training begins. They had to have their hips and elbows checked for possible dysplasia. Having our first puppy expelled for elbow dysplasia, we were a bit concerned. No problem though as Geyser's hips were Very Good and Banjo's were Excellent with no elbow problems either. Both are ready to begin the final stage of their guide dog journey.

Cooped up for most of the day because of the wet weather, a long playtime was recommended before returning Geyser. The two boys chased and tumbled through the wet grass until they were exhausted; it took thirty minutes to tire them and thirty minutes to dry out. The party ended with dinner for the humans while both dogs napped.

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