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May 19, 2010

Run For Your Lives....

The Dog That Ate the Washington Monument...EEEK!! I was looking for photo ops Wed, but certainly could not have TRIED to set this one up! Too funny. Being without a camera yesterday made me snap happy today so Banjo and I headed down to the Mall to walk among the monuments...again, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Viet Nam wall with names that go on and on and on, they will take your breath away by their enormity. The American History museum houses the HUGE flag that inspired the National Anthem (the flag itself was actually called "the star spangled banner," that's your trivia tidbit for the day!). You can view the actual Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights in the National Archives...There is something to be amazed at around every corner in this city. However, I digress...

Lincoln's Favorite Pet--we thought Abe could use a friendly Lab sitting at his feet, plus he makes Banjo look so small!

The friendly ducks around the mall were a distraction for Banjo especially since most had a brood of fuzzy baby ducklings toddling and chirping behind mama Duck as well. So, we worked on being around the ducks but getting his focus back on me, which he seemed to get. We'll see if he remembers his lessons today. --Oh, and a side note to our entry about our visit to the White House, if you saw press coverage of the Mexican president's visit, the door where the Obamas are greeting President Calderon and his wife for the state dinner last evening, is the very spot where Banjo stood the day before as we exited the home of POTUS! And the state dinner was held in the gold room where we were also the day before right in that room, and if you watch CSPAN to see the guests arriving to the White House for the dinner, that is exactly the route Banjo took, down the same hallway of the east entrance, past all the photographs and paintings--what a kick to see that!
--Lisa & Banjo

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