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May 11, 2010

Miss Wisconsin

Hey pups ~

What an exciting weekend this has been! First I was hangin' out at Warner Park watching all the baby geese,

and then I got to hang out with Miss Wisconsin! Can you tell which one of us is Miss Wisconsin?

Awww....I need a ribbon that says "Miss OccuPaws Wisconsin", don't ya think? Anyway, she was very pretty and nice to hang around with.

Then I met my puppy friends and two graduate dogs, Dale and Divit, at Culver's in Middleton where we practiced giving nice greetings to all the customers. Culver's was very happy 'cause we brought in lots of new customers to eat custard. They didn't give any to us pups, tho ~ but we did get to be interviewed by the WKOW Channel 27 folks, who thought we pups were pretty cute. Can't let that go to our heads, now....

Your pal,

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