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May 24, 2010

Cramped Quarters

On the flight to DC we were given the front row which provided a little extra room for a sixty-five pound guide dog and were not asked for paperwork. However, on the return flight we were not offered the extra room, kept our assigned seats in row eleven, and were asked for proof of vaccinations. We had verified with the airline before booking that a health certificate was not required.

Banjo wasn't phased by the cramped quarters and he may have actually had more room, if you include the area under the seats in front of ours.

We were all tired from the long week and Banjo slept through most of the flight. The deployment of the landing gear didn't even wake him from his slumber.As we exited the plane one of the flight attendants commented that she didn't even know he was on board.
The day's trip was only half over as we landed in Milwaukee. Next stop was Beloit to pick up our next assignment. As we start our fourth cycle, Mantequilla (aka Monte) has officially joined our pack. On the way home, Monte shared the front seat with Lisa while Banjo stretched out in the back, his reward for a long hard week of work.

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A Caes said...

Glad you made it back safely. Now there's another yellow dog in the OccuPaws pack!