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May 15, 2010

Plane, Trains, Escalators, ...

We are now in the nation's capital and Banjo is resting peacefully at my feet. We just completed an evening potty excursion in our new surroundings and he is ready to sleep after a long restless day.

First, we interrupted his slumber at 4am to potty, pack and leave by 4:30. His rest in the car was interrupted to board the plane. On the plane we worried about his ear pressure; we gave him some ice to chew. He wasn't phased and curled up for a nap to catch up on missed ZZZs only to be awakened by the landing gear deploying under him.

His afternoon consisted of a bus ride, two train rides, a few escalators, two van rides, and a cat nap during our lunch. After lunch, we took another train back into DC. Our train ride is about forty-five minutes, not sufficient for a good puppy nap.

Exploring the city, we walked over a lifetime supply of sidewalk grates - they are everywhere. After all the escalators, Banjo would stop and wonder why they weren't moving.

We walked past the White House on our way to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts where Lisa and I listened to the PUFF Quintet from The Julliard School. And Banjo Slept. We had to interrupt his sleep again when he started to bark during a dream. One final train ride/nap back to the hotel for a well earned dinner and an uninterrupted good night's sleep (8 hrs).

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