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May 16, 2010


I graduated today, with Promise alongside me. We saw the Dalai Lama on our way to graduation; we were walking along University got to watch a brigade of seven motorcycles, five police and sheriff's cars, the Dalai Lama, and a van carrying his entourage. Once we got to graduation, we all had to wait outside for our class picture, while staring into the sun on Bascom hill. Then we turned around to see the schematic diagrams of where we were to march, and then off to the ceremony.

Promise slept for most of the ceremony. The seating was like an auditorium, but with a step between every level; Promise rolled off my level into the next row, which startled her, but recovered fine and after that, steered clear of the edge. And then we walked across the stage. No good pictures of that as the lighting was bad.

We spent Friday up at the Lion's Convention. Promise got to wear a harness for the day while lounging around. She'll be moving in with Doug and Caroline this coming weekend to start harness training, so it was a good opportunity to get used to the harness. She didn't mind it a bit. Unfortunately, she and Justice got the short end of the stick when it came to pets.


Marlene said...

Congradulations Amy :)
Best of wishes with your new adventures in life.
You have been a wonderful puppy raiser for OccuPaws :) Always had your reports in on time, excellent communications with any issues on Promise. Anytime you want to do it again just give me a call ....

Your Puppy Program Coordinator
Marlene Morga

Harley and Wilbur said...

We sure hope you get that Madison job thingie!! You pet real good when you sit on the floor with us :-)

Harley & Wilbur