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May 28, 2010

Late Dinner

Another OccuPaws training class on Thursday. After three years we are still learning something new every class. Last night I learned how to hold a vest, clicker, and kibble in one hand while forming a loop. Then I lured Banjo's head through it to touch my other hand. And remember to click the instant he touches my hand, grab a treat, lure him into "Get Dressed" position, and reward him while protecting my fingers from his alligator teeth. It was even more difficult than it sounds.

Since getting Monte on our way home from DC our schedule has been canine focused. We haven't found time to get groceries, so we had to eat out again after class. This meant a late dinner for the little dog and his mentor. He is not the least bit appreciative of all the time we have spent with him.

He was well-behaved and sleeping, until someone stepped on his ear (shoe on left). We weren't sure what to expect for his first time in a restaurant with us. But we didn't really have anything to worry about, since he prefers to potty on the rugs in our house over any other surface.

I have a greater appreciation for our deal with Marlene to keep our puppies until they were twelve weeks old. Those extra two weeks make a big difference. I can't imagine starting out with an eight week old ...

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