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May 17, 2010

Capitol Idea

We started our day with a train trip to the senate office building and the office of Senator Kohl. We went mainly to thank his staff in person for being so helpful in making appearances at the Capitol and White House for Banjo possible. One particular staff member was especially helpful and kind in keeping up communication with us, and she agreed happily to sit for a Kodak moment with Banjo even though it had been raining and Banjo was still a little wet. We are making it a policy not to include people's names in the blog if we have not asked their permission specifically to do so. Our new friends in Sen Kohl's office also provided us with tickets to the gallery to watch senate and house in session.

We visited the Capitol on a tour where one little girl, maybe age 2, was squealing in delight to see the puppy before the tour started & though we have routinely been telling people they cannot pet the dog because he is working, we could not refuse this tiny little soul. Not sure who enjoyed the interaction more, her or Banjo. We told her daddy somebody needed a puppy because she was great with him!

We used the gallery passes to get into the House chamber, which was not in session at that time, and then over to the Senate chamber where a little more was happening. We saw Sen Harry Reid and Sen Chris Dodd and speaking was Sen Kyl from Arizona, I believe. I think it is an honor, regardless of your political beliefs, to view our nation's congress at work. Banjo, of course, was bored with the whole thing and slept at our feet, no snoring this time. He does look majestic with the Capitol rotunda in the background though doesn't he?

Because of the rain and because we all needed a short day, we went back to the hotel early for a change today. Banjo is becoming a real master at escalators and elevators. We are on to more big adventures tomorrow. Half the battle will be just maneuvering our way around the city as Jeff goes to work tomorrow and Lisa and Banjo are going exploring, unfortunately both of them are orienteering-challenged!

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